high doe

high doe

Our research is inspired by some of the biggest questions about our universe. What is it made of? What forces govern it? How did become the way it is today? Finding these answers requires the combined efforts some of the largest scientific collaborations in the world, using some of the most sensitive detectors in the world, at some of the largest scientific machines in the world.
High Energy Physics (HEP) explores what the world is made of and how it works at the smallest and largest scales, seeking new discoveries from the tiniest particles to the outer reaches of space. This quest inspires young minds, trains an expert workforce, and drives innovation that improves the nation’s health, wealth, and security.

Within these pages, families, students and educators can learn more about each of the new requirements, including what each requirement is designed to do and how students will be supported.
OSPI has created several resources, including a graduation toolkit and graduation checklists, to help educators and families understand state graduation requirements. These resources are updated when changes occur.



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