Holy LEGO! How to Repair Your Keyboard

Remember those moments when your keyboard would start acting up, and some buttons wouldn’t work as planned? It felt like it was ruining your gaming sessions, making you lose countless matches or levels. It could be a real nuisance, and sometimes you didn’t feel like purchasing a new keyboard just because some buttons were not working properly.

Well, you should be happy to know that if you used to be a LEGO lover – and you still own the old toys you used to play with – then this problem can be solved. Keyboard keys can be switched to LEGO pieces and will work just as well. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Would you like to find out more about this ingenious way to keep using your keyboard? Then let me tell you about how I’ve discovered it – and how you can do the same.

Story Time – How I Discovered It

One day, I remember I was playing on my computer, and the game got really intense. I was playing GTA 5, and I just happened to be in the middle of a difficult mission. My keyboard had been pretty problematic for a while, but I wouldn’t have thought it would betray me when I need it the most.

When I pressed the up-arrow key to run away from the bad guys who were just about to shoot me, nothing happened. The key was really hard to press, and I just couldn’t run. While I was trying to fix the key, I got killed in the game, and my mission failed. Considering it was really hard to get to that point in the first place, my mood just dropped.

The thoughts of having to go through every difficult step again angered me so much that I slammed my keyboard against the table. I’m pretty temperamental and impulsive, so it was nothing new. However, we all regret the things we do involuntarily when we’re angry – and it was the same for me. I had to go and spend money on a new keyboard – and I can’t say I was being very rich at that exact moment.

When my brother came back home from work, his jaw dropped at the sight of the keyboard – and rightfully so. At the impact with the table, some buttons just flew away, so all I did was damage it even more. When I explained what happened, my brother jokingly told me to replace the buttons with LEGO pieces.

When he said that, I remembered we used to have some LEGO pieces that were the exact same size as some of the defect buttons. I wasn’t expecting it to work, but I had nothing to lose if I tried it, did I?

I tried to fit a piece where the up arrow should’ve been – and, to my surprise, it fit. But was the key working? I was just about to find out. When I tested it in the game, the character was running. It was like a blessing. I’ve never thought I could use LEGO pieces for something other than building some weird-shaped planes.

How Can You Do It?

Replacing your keyboard keys with LEGO is not such a hard task. They can easily fit on a simple USB keyboard, depending on the model. Keep in mind that not every model may work with certain pieces, so don’t try to force the pieces if they don’t fit.

First of all, make sure you have pieces that are the same size as the keys you are trying to replace. Obviously, if the pieces are bigger, it’s not going to work. How would you even be able to use them?

Secondly, pay attention to the keys you’re replacing! Whereas the arrows are easy to memorize due to their placing, other keys can be hard to remember. Legos don’t have keyboard markings on them. However, if you happen to know the keyboard key placement better than your own palm, then you should go for it.

To make things easier for you, try to fit pieces of different colors, so they will be easier to recognize and memorize.

Why Should You Do It?

Well, you may think it’s obvious – you can fix your keyboard without too much effort. However, that’s not the only reason for you to do it.

Besides fixing unresponsive keys, you will have an original keyboard that not many people have. If you use more colors to distinguish the keys, even better. It will be colorful, original, and be even more entertaining to use.

Moreover, if you have an old LEGO set that has accumulated dust on it, why not find a use for it? It would be sad to keep it in a dark corner.


You don’t have to throw your keyboard away once the keys are giving you headaches – replacing them with LEGO pieces can fix it. Now you don’t have to worry about stepping on LEGO either – it will be attached to your keyboard. So, unless you are at risk of stepping on your keyboard by mistake, you should enjoy your new unique keys! Don’t forget to check those technology essays topics, to find new articles for reading about tech topics.

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