childcare logos

childcare logos

To help support Childcare Choices, you are welcome to use the logo alongside your own, on any communications you may have with your parents. When using the Childcare Choices logo, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • The logo should be a minimum of 35mm on all materials
  • Ensure that there’s a clear space around the Childcare Choices logo – use the height of the ‘C’ as a guide.
  • Make sure this space is clear of all other graphics, for example other logos and images.
  • If you’re placing the Childcare Choices logo alongside other logos (for example your own), bear in mind the exclusion zone and ensure all logos are a similar height and width.

Our focus is taking care of the needs of all our clients by forming the right blend of the logo by focusing on the business needs of people.
Many of the childcare and children logos are created as per taking care of the need of the whole business model which focuses on maintaining the right standards for the situation.
We focus on maintaining the quality of all the logos which are created by us as our main focus is making use of the right prospects by developing these children and childcare logos with a blend of creativity and business point of view.


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