We are completely committed to design, deliver and produce: toys, services and software for the children around the world with any eye problem, that make them to be visual impaired or even blind.

And is because of that, now, we’re launching our first app, called Action!!, a game that asks to do some activities like tapping the screen, tilting the device, sliding the finger across the screen etc, with these “Actions” we try to train (for not having a better word) children’s brains, to know themselves a little bit better, as well as, to be more sensitive to sounds and to react faster to any audio stimulus, finally in a basic form, to know where is right, left and other spatial positions that are really useful, and because the lack of dept, they struggle.

You can read and learn more about a new icon we are using among all our apps to identify, which apps are fully design for any visual impaired and blind children.

Finally we want to make clear, that all our apps are not just for the visual impaired and blind community, because we created in a way that everyone can play, but the most important thing, IN THE SAME DIFFICULTY LEVEL, so, anyone can be challenged by their relatives!!

Checkout our technology paper.

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