what does stem stand for uk

what does stem stand for uk

1. Insight and Knowledge
Generating and sharing fresh insight and knowledge about the causes of and solutions to gender imbalance in STEM – from classroom to boardroom.

Do you want to get into teaching? Our teaching degrees have a strong track record and are highly valued by our students. Our graduates are sought after by schools around the world. We trace our history back to 1837, when David Stow founded one of the first teacher education institutions in the UK.
The Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is the graduate entry route to those who want to become a Primary or Secondary teacher in Scotland. The PGDE is an internationally recognised qualification, newly qualified teachers will be able to apply for qualified teacher status (QTS) or equivalent in their home country.

Table 22 – HE student enrolments by subject of study and domicile
The table below provides subject codes at the maximum four-digit level of detail. Use the Subject of study drop-down to choose between Subject area (19 high level groups), Principal subject (165 two-digit codes), or 4-digit JACS subject (for maximum detail).

This transplant uses your own stem cells to replace blood cells destroyed by high doses of chemotherapy and other treatments.
When you have a stem cell transplant using another person’s stem cells, it is called an allogeneic transplant.



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