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We collaborate with mainstream and alternative education organisations across the UK to provide a bespoke recruitment package like no other.
Our blog provides helpful tips and education advice for all our clients and candidates.

Ed net
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Support the future of jazz with a contribution, large or small.
The Jazz Education Network was founded to support and sustain the art form that was born out of the legacy of black resistance. Our music calls us to speak out and actively work on behalf of justice and equality. We share in the pain and disgust of watching another black citizen murdered in public view as they pleaded for their life. JEN stands with #blacklivesmatter and all other organizations and individuals who are protesting the unrelenting and corrupt racist system that does not value black Americans in our society.

Ed net
He was arrested in connection with a money laundering probe.
Jain has been alleged by investigative agencies to have laundered and routed hawala funds for many years and stated to have financed contraband networks and was also arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in the past.

Ed net
In collaboration with UNESCO , the IAU WHED Portal is the global reference
for higher education systems, credentials and institutions (HEIs) .
> In solidarity with the HE community in these times of global crisis, the IAU is
giving unrestricted access to the Advanced Search Function normally
reserved to IAU Members free of charge.



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