europe school holidays 2014

europe school holidays 2014

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Europe school holidays 2014
Because the US doesn’t have a uniform school year and summer vacation schedule, it’s hard to tell where American schools stack up in comparison. But the largest districts in the US have a summer break of 11 to 12 weeks, or about two and a half months, according to data from the National Council on Teacher Quality. That’s more time off than kids get in France, Germany, and Poland, and a bit longer than Finland and Norway.
If you love summer vacation, it’s way better to be a kid in Italy than in the United Kingdom. The Brits are pretty stingy on length of the annual break, this map from the European Commission shows, whereas Italian schools have some of the longest stretches off in the region.

Europe school holidays 2014
Students from Yr 11 have the opportunity to participate in the next BWSC tour of Europe that will take place in the April school holidays 2014. This will be our sixth such tour and offers students a powerful learning experience with the opportunity to bring past events and societies into their immediate experience whilst at the same time accommodating a variety of learning styles. Only a few positions remain available and any interested student should see Mr Macey for details and application forms.
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The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and National Travel Health Network and Centre have up-to-date advice on staying safe and healthy abroad.
More information is available by checking /destinations/info/travel-aware

Europe school holidays 2014
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