dcs f 18

dcs f 18

The way that air-to-ground radar works in the Hornet is through a series of expand modes. The basic mode uses the radar to paint a picture of the ground ahead of you revealing only the most basic of details. Engage an expanded mode and you get a closer look at a smaller area of the ground. Engage it again and you can make out the details of an airbase or a complex ground formation.
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Dcs f 18
Boeing has developed the Block III Super Hornet to complement existing and future air wing capabilities. The upgrades have evolved to complement other U.S. Navy aircraft to effectively operate together in the air wing for decades to come.
The F/A-18 Block III Super Hornet is the newest highly capable, affordable and available tactical aircraft in U.S. Navy inventory. The Super Hornet is the backbone of the U.S. Navy carrier air wing now and for decades to come.



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