the education group

the education group

The education group
Each member of The Education Group is a former educator or administrator at some of the nation’s top institutions. Our high standards provide schools with the best advisors and mentors in the industry.
The Education Group was founded in 1988 to address leadership initiatives, school head searches and diversity enrichment of Independent Schools.

Students at centre
Asking the hard questions
Being honest
Being courageous in our conversations and the mahi we do we do
Making evidence-based judgements and decisions
Working for sustainable change
We take great pride in the services we offer and are passionate about our core values of excellence, ethics, efficacy and empathy. We recognise the uniqueness of each school, organisation and situation and work flexibly to find the balance between this and current knowledge of theory, research and practice. The Education Group is an accredited provider for Ministry of Education funded learning and development.

We embrace diversity to better serve the globe.
We lead with courage to align teams and achieve our goals.

The education group
The membership hub is for all employees of our member organisations.
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Student Administrative Services encompasses a wide range of central administration teams, delivering academic student services and supporting students and academic departments at the University.
The Education Group (Education Group Structure Chart ) is responsible for a critical set of University services supporting the whole student journey comprising the following departments:

Our goal is to make the world a better place by increasing the affordability and effectiveness of education.
Socially responsive research that concretely improves society

The education group
We manage the Digital Learning Collaborative, a membership group dedicated to exploring, producing, and disseminating data, information, news, and best practices in digital learning. Information about the DLC is available on the Collaborative website.
We organize the Digital Learning Annual Conference, which explores the real promise of online, blended, and digital learning. Information about DLAC is available on the conference website.

I have reviewed this quarterly report of Form 10-Q of Teen Education Group, Inc.
In connection with the Quarterly Report of Teen Education Group, Inc.

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