About us

Smash A Ball is a site dedicated to discussing news about technology and new developments in the tech industry. We discuss what the big companies are doing, while also giving you insight on what new or smaller companies are working on as well.

For those who love tech news, Smash A Ball strives to provide you with up to date information on your favorite industry and its accompanying microindustries.

You can learn about the newest gadgets, software, and applications. We also give you some updates on how a company is doing, public updates of their net worth and what they are doing to maintain their success.

With our resources, you can learn more about how you can emulate these companies or help you choose the best gadgets and technology that are available for you. We also review gadgets that are not in the market yet.

Tech is a very wide industry and we do our best to compress the information for easy consumption. This way, you are updated in almost every aspect of the tech industry. Information is power and continuous learning is the key to success, especially in this industry. For a daily dose of tech, please follow our blog and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Have fun reading and we hope you learn a lot about tech, software, apps, and so much more.

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